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Meditation app

The core and basis is the mobile app, which aims to solve applied problems based on proven medical techniques and practices. The mobile app solves quite complex problems, so gradually we have developed an accessory ecosystem. The EEG Headband analyzes brain wave activity and allows the app to learn more about you and your practice results. In real time, the EEG Headband shows you when you are focused and when you are most relaxed. The most important accessory for our users is the Meditation Mask, which helps you immerse yourself by using the app at home, on a plane or in the office to quickly relieve fatigue without the distraction of external factors. 

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Conditions that our meditation app helps with

Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are acute problems that have a specific treatment methodology. Decades of experience of our medical team have allowed us to select the most effective techniques for dealing with stress and anxiety and based on them to build sessions that will make you a little happier.

Sleep and relaxation

Sleep and Relaxation are meditations that you will enjoy using daily. The practical experience of physicians was used in the formation of their text and audio component. Scientifically validated techniques as well as practices from Yoga Nidra will be a pleasant ritual for relaxation and preparation for sleep.


Affirmations written on the basis of medical experience and without religious or esoteric overtones will allow you to set yourself up for solving difficult problems and will be an inspiration to improve your life. You can start your day with them or practice throughout the day to revitalize your resources or increase your performance.

Breath work

Working with breathing is the only non-medicamental way to calm the mind, relieve stress, or tune in to activity as quickly as possible. Breathing is something given to us by nature, and our practices with only a scientific approach will be a great instrument for dealing with everyday mental stresses!

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