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meditation mask

The centerpiece of the Smart Meditation project is the mobile app, which aims to solve applied problems with the help of proven medical techniques and practices. The mobile app deals with quite complex tasks, so gradually we have developed a supporting ecosystem.

Headphone Meditation mask
Maximises isolation from the outside world
Built-in soft headphones
Ideal for daily exercise 
and a good night’s sleep
EEG Brainwaves Headband
Works during meditation
Reports brainwave activity in real time
Improves meditation quality
Massage Mask
Built-in headphones
Multiple massage modes
Models for men and women 
(by massage intensity)
The income
Your personal QR
Best time. Best location.
Due to the crisis there is an opportunity to get a better location for the opening.
Opening costs
  • Investment from $20 000
  • Turnkey opening
  • Supply of a unique stand
  • Supply of goods
Opening time 2 months
The format
A stand in a shopping mall
A pavilion in a shopping mall
3 modules
Your onboarding
  • About the product
  • About the field
  • About marketing
Salespeople training
  • We’ll provide the scripts
Marketing and advertising training
  • We’ll teach you how to start making profit from day one
If you don’t like your Mental Health business, our brokers will help you sell it.
Return on investment > 168%

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