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What Do You Think About While Meditating?

Unlocking the Power of Mindfulness

When one plunges into the depths of meditation, it’s like stepping into a vast, uncharted territory of the mind. For beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, the question often arises, “What should I be thinking about while meditating?” Well, buckle up, because we’re about to dive into the heart of mindfulness and uncover how to steer your thoughts during these tranquil journeys.

The Essence of Meditation: Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt

Meditation, in its core, is less about filling the void with specific thoughts and more about becoming a silent observer of the mind’s theater. It’s akin to sitting by a bustling street, watching the cars—your thoughts—pass by without hopping in and driving away with them.

A Beginner’s Guide to Thought Navigation

For those new to the practice, here are a few signposts to guide your mental voyage:

  • Breath and Body: A classic starting point is to focus on your breathing. Notice the rhythm, depth, and sensation of each breath. Feel the air filling your lungs and the slight pause before it leaves your body. It’s a bit like tuning into your favorite chill-out track, letting the rhythm soothe your mind. Additionally, scanning your body from head to toe not only grounds you in the present but also unwinds the knots of tension hiding in plain sight.

  • Mantras and Affirmations: These are the spices in the meditation gumbo. A mantra – whether it’s a traditional Sanskrit phrase like “Om Mani Padme Hum” or a personalized affirmation like “I am at peace” – can anchor your focus. Repeat it softly in your mind, letting its vibrations fill your space.

  • Visualizations: Picture this – your mind as a serene lake or a gently flowing stream. Visualization is a mighty tool that can transport you to places of unimaginable tranquility and beauty, all within the confines of your own mind.

  • Mindfulness Meditation: Here’s where you become the ultimate people-watcher, except you’re watching your thoughts. The goal isn’t to prevent thoughts or judge them but simply to observe them, acknowledging their presence before gently bringing your focus back to your breath or mantra.

The Don’ts That Deserve a Shout-out

While we’re on this enlightening journey, let’s not overlook the pitfalls: Don’t Force a Void: Attempting to create a complete absence of thought is like trying to herd cats—futile and frustrating. Embrace the thoughts, don’t block them. Don’t Cling: Like visitors, thoughts come and go. Let them move freely, without attaching or giving them undue importance. Don’t Stress Over Perfection: The mind is a wild creature, and it won’t be tamed in a day. Embrace the process and know that each session adds a brick to the fortress of your mindfulness.

Embarking on the Quest

As you set off or continue on your meditation journey, remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all guide. Meditation is personal and subjective. What matters is finding what resonates with you and walking that path with patience and perseverance. Whether you’re focusing on your breath, repeating a mantra, immersed in a visualization, or simply observing your thoughts like clouds passing in the sky, you’re doing it right.

The beauty of meditation lies in its simplicity and the profound impact it can have on your well-being. So, next time you sit down, or even now, give yourself a moment to just be. Who knows? You might just find the answer to what you should be thinking about meditating—or better yet, discover the joy of letting those thoughts go and embracing the moment.